*These storage policies apply to all grains*


Storage Fees start on the following dates for the following commodities;

WHEAT September 1st of that crop year
SOYBEANS November 1st of that crop year
CORN December 1st of that crop year


  • All grains can remain in storage until June 30th of the following year. 
    • For example, wheat put into storage September 1st, 2016 can remain there until June 30th, 2017 at which point it must be sold to Ganaraska Grain or shipped back out by the producer.
  • Grain does not accumulate Storage Fees or Elevation In Handling Fees if contracted or sold prior to the applicable Storage Fee start date.
  • Grain remaining in storage past the Storage Fee start date will be subject to a one-time Elevation In Handling Fee of $4/T and storage fees will begin to accumulate, at a rate of $0.08 per T/day.
  • Any stored grain that is shipped from the elevator by the producer without being sold to Ganaraska Grain will be subject to an Elevation Out Handling Fee of $6/T, plus applicable daily storage fees.
    • This fee does not apply to stored grain that is sold by the producer to Ganaraska Grain.


  • It is the producer's responsibility to sell their grain, if they choose, as it arrives at the elevator.
  • If the commodity is not already contracted or the producer does not provide specific instructions to sell upon arrival, Ganaraska Grain will to put the grain into storage.